Thursday, 19 April 2012


Image: A Computer Aided Impression of the Cottage Restored.
The sale of a 18th-19th Century Irish Cottage that needs restoration & 4.5 acres/1.82108 Hectares of mature land that leads down to Lough Key.
Image: The Cottage in its current  circumstance

Lough Key is an unspoiled part of Ireland that is rich in History & Culture. Please visit  for further details on History, Activities & Culture. Please remember that Lough Key Forest Park is around a10 minute boat ride from the properties location.
The Cottage was bought by its current owner, with the intention of restoring the building that sits on 1.82109 hectares of mature land. However the owner has made a decision to sell the beloved property to allow someone else realize their dream, of owning a secluded property with a gateway to the waterways of Ireland.  
Image of Lough Key a 10 minute Boat ride from Property
Image's  courtesy of Ordnance Survey Ireland, Shows a Satellite image of Lough Key & property location.

The views from the property are stunning, with an unspoilt view of the surrounding countryside & Lake. With careful planning one could, for example, be self-sufficient within this plot, or whatever takes your personal fancy.
In order to appreciate the properties character, charm & Historic value, please feel free to contact me, details below, to discuss the history of the property, the price which will be given on application & to arrange a viewing.
I must state that the Artists impression of the Cottage restored has room for tweaks, with regards to design of the Structure & landscape, to suit your personnel preference. This can be done in-house by the owner’s, family run Building Company.
Also one has to remember this is a Historic Restoration project, as this cottage is part of Irish history & culture. These aspects & more, can be discussed in more detail, on application. 
Image of Lough Key, even on a day when the lake is like a mirror, fish can be caught.

Survey Images:
Both Images are taken from Ordnance Survey Ireland & have been translated to dwg’s through AutoCad in order to show the outline of the property along with the existing structure needing Restoration.

Image, Courtesy of Ordnance Survey Ireland, image captured by Jing.This shows a Satellite image of the properties location along with an example of a private mooring/jetty onto Lough Key.
The Area in which the property is Located: 
Smutternagh is what is known as a town land of Boyle which is 10.7km from the town of Boyle, please see link for further details on Boyle Town,,_County_Roscommon.

Also for further activities one can either use the waterways & visit 
Carrick on Shannon by boat or alternatively by road.Carrick on Shannon    is approximately 16.2km or 17minutes by road, please see link for further  details on Carrick on Shannon,

Image Courtesy of Ordnance Survey Ireland. Image Captured by JING, Lough Key & surrounding waterways.    
The Area’s nearest school being that of, Corrigeenroe, which is approximately 2.1km from the property. Then for Sunday Lunch or a quite midweek drink The Moorings pub in Kilteasheen is approximately 1.2km by road, which is a nice country walk, or 5-10 minutes by boat. Please see link for further details,

Contact Details

Name: Declan Sweeney
Mobile: 00353/0/867371902

Both of these images are of one of the Cottage's previously restored by the Family run Construction Company.


  1. Nice project Declan, So what's the damage for a piece of history

    1. Thanks for the comment Larry......How much would you be willing to pay for a piece of History

  2. Idyllic setting....painstakingly restored providing a "Vista" that unfortunately was ignored during the "Celtic Tiger"

    As Dan Rice the American Entertainer once said:

    “There are three forms of visual art: Painting is art to look at, sculpture is art you can walk around, and architecture is art you can walk through”

    1. Hi ProMax Project Management,

      My feeling exactly.Our culture was torn apart in some respects during Celtic Tiger, we felt we were progressing as a society, which eventually turned to regression.

      Thank you for a great comment.

  3. beautiful scenic piece of country side you really brought out true scenes from our beautiful country. whoever buys this piece of land will be very lucky. well done on the project fab job.

  4. well done brillant idea fab project

  5. Brilliant project, looking really well

    Paul Sweeney